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Double Coats

 A double coat has two distinct hair types in one coat. The top coat, or guard hairs are the long coarse hairs forming a layer that is resistant to weather and covers and protects the soft underfur of certain breeds. These hairs usually create the characteristic colour pattern of your breed and are not usually shed.  The undercoat is the fine, short, dense hair, closer to the skin. This is the hair that is everywhere in your house when your dog is shedding. This undercoat is your dog’s insulation, it helps to warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

 Shaving your double coated dog will not help to keep him cool! His undercoat has been specifically designed to do just that… it’s his insulation against weather.  If your dog seems hot, the best remedy is a good brushing! This will remove any excess dead undercoat that your dog may have accumulated. But it leaves the good healthy undercoat that is still doing its job. It helps to trap the cool air close to the dogs body.  At most, the only area that could be shaved is his belly, so he can lay on a cool surface and get the full benefit!

  Shaving your dog will not stop him from shedding! He will still shed, it will just be shorter hairs. If you have had this done to your dog and it seems like he has come home shedding less, it is not because of the shave, it is because of the bath, brush and blow dry.

 Your dog’s coat may never be the same again! Double coats aren't meant to be shaved, and it can completely  change the texture of the hair. The guard hairs don't always grow back, leaving your dogs coat patchy, frizzy, sparse, and just awful looking! This is known as “coat funk”, or in worse cases, alopecia. We aren't saying that it happens every time, but often enough obviously that it's been given a name.

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