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Frequently Asked Questions

My dog doesn't like to be groomed.... Do you think you can groom her?

 It's hard for us to answer that question without meeting your dog first, but the quick optimistic answer is.... YES!  All dogs are different, and they have different needs. Some dogs need a gentle hand and reassuring voice, some dogs need tough love and to learn some rules and boundaries. If your dog doesn't like grooming before we even meet her, it may take a few sessions and rehabilitation, but there is no reason that with time and effort, your dog can't learn to tolerate grooming, if not down right love it!


My dog has long hair, and hasn't been groomed in a while, and we don't really brush him. He looks really messy and is quite knotted. We like him to be fluffy though.... Can you make him fluffy again?

 It is a rare dog indeed that doesn't feel pain. And dematting is quite painful. Imagine how it would feel to have someone try to untangle your hair if you hadn't brushed it in a year! Or how about not brushing your five year old childs hair for a year, letting them play in the dirt, ruffing their hair up all the time, and washing and drying it (tightening those knots up). Now imagine how it would go if you decided you wanted to brush their hair after all that time. But how about if your child was really furry, like all over their body and face furry! OUCH!

 Our policy is humanity before vanity. It all depends on your dog as to whether or not we will brush his knots out. Best case scenario, the matting is not too severe and the knots brush easily out, and Fido doesn't mind at all. Tada.. Fluffy Fido. Worst case scenario, Fido is matted solid, armpit hair tangled with elbow hair, his skin is irritated, it hurts and he doesn't want to be touched. In that case, we will just have to start fresh! Fido will get a haircut, and we can start brushing from the beginning, and start on a regular grooming schedule. It takes some work to keep hair nice and long... Dog or human. Right ladies ;) ?


Without seeing my dog, can you please tell me how much this will cost?

We will be happy to provide you with an estimate, usually within $20 of the final price. The problem with giving prices out before seeing your pet is that dogs vary so much, even within a breed. Not only do they vary in size, but in coat type as well. So it's not that we are trying to be difficult, it's just that we are trying to be fair, to you and us.



Summer is coming, and my husky (double coated dog) always seems so hot, can you shave him for me?

 We would really prefer not to, and ask that you please read our info page on double coated dogs first. Maybe you could discuss this with your vet as well, because this is something that could affect not only your dog's coat, but his skin too, for the rest of his life.  If you still feel that your dog needs a shave, and there is no way we can convince you otherwise… then sure, bring him in and we’ll shave him down!


My golden retriever (double coated dog) is shedding everywhere!! Can you shave him for me?

 We would really prefer not to, and ask that you please read our info page on double coated dogs first. Maybe you could discuss this with your vet as well, because this is something that could affect not only your dog's coat, but his skin too, for the rest of his life. If you still feel that your dog needs a shave, and there is no way we can convince you otherwise… then sure, bring him in and we’ll shave him down!

Click here to go to info page! Click here to go to info page!


How long will you keep my dog?

We keep dogs an average of 3 hours. Sometimes it's less, sometimes it's more. It all depends on your dog's coat, how long he takes to dry, and how he feels about grooming. Once we meet your dog and have discussed with you what exactly we will be doing, then we give you a pick up time. If your dog is done before that time, we always give you a call.


I've heard of places that keep dogs for eight hours? Can you do that for me please?

No, I'm sorry. We don't have the facilities here for daycare. We are pretty flexible about pick up and drop off times, but not that flexible!


I've heard of places that keep dogs for one hour? Can you do that for me please?

We have one dog that we do in an hour... but he comes in every week, and he barely has any hair. When deciding how long we keep your dog we take things into consideration like how long it will take to brush his coat out and how long he will take to dry. As well,  we think about things like how nervous your dog is, how old he is, and how often he goes to the groomer. A dog that gets groomed all the time is a pro, he's comfortable with the procedure and we can go at a brisk pace. But a dog that is new to grooming, or doesn't get done that often will be nervous, and that is a dog that we don't want to rush. If a dog is scared to have his nails done, we are going to take our time and reassure him. We could do his nails in 60 seconds, but that would be terrifying for him and require some serious manhandling. Like we always say, we want this to be a good experience! The last thing you want to do with a nervous dog is rush them and go more quickly than they are comfortable with. And eventually, your dog will realize that nothing bad is happening and he will relax and let us do our thing! Some dogs even become so relaxed that they fall asleep during grooming! That sounds like the perfect spa day to me! No rushing, just relaxing!


I only want my dog's legs groomed. I don't think his back needs it, and I don't want to pay for something I don't need. How much do you charge for legs only?

We are a professional service in a professional atmosphere.... and we groom dogs. Not parts of dogs. We are not a basement/backyard/garage groomer who will do a hack job on your dog. We do proper, professional grooming here, and if a proper, professional groom is not what you are looking for, then we suggest you go somewhere else.


Your prices seem reasonable and in line with the industry standard of professional groomers... but I have found someone who will do it for $3 less..... will you price match?

The quick answer.... No. We don't use the cheapest equipment or the cheapest supplies. We spend time and money upgrading and maintaining our equipment. We spend time and money upgrading our skills and schooling. You and your dog are worth more than the cheapest that money can buy.... and so are we. If the cost of the groom is the only thing that is important to you, you probably won't like us, because we are about much more than that!


How often should I get my dog groomed?

For a dog that gets a haircut, every 4 to 8 weeks is reasonable, before they are matted. It is not ok to leave your dog so long that they are a matted mess and then have them sheared off twice a year. Grooming is about so much more than just a haircut. And you have no idea what is happening under all that hair! We have found everything from ticks to maggots to puncture wounds from dog bites. Nevermind all the overgrown nails we have seen that are curling back around and into the dog's foot again.

Short haired, smooth coated dogs can go a little bit longer, but it still needs to be more than once or twice a year. At the very least, nails need to be done on a regular basis.

Owning a pet is both a time and financial commitment that you need to make. There is absolutely no excuse for neglect.

Can I stay with my dog while she is groomed?

We strongly advise against this! During the grooming procedure we need your pet to be paying attention to, and listening to us... not you. If they are wiggling and fighting trying to get to their mommy, the liklihood of them being injured increases significantly! We are using very sharp tools, and we need your dog in certain positions, and standing still. We have found it to be very disruptive having an owner in the grooming area while we are trying to achieve this. BUT, we also understand that this is your baby and we are strangers. You are welcome to come say hello, come visit with your dog, and come feel the place out. We want to put you at ease and help you and your dog feel comfortable with us, while at the same time maintaining a safe work environment!


I've missed my appointment, am I going to be charged?

Nope, you won't be charged for the missed appointment... but we do work on a 3 strikes and you're out policy. We could charge for missed appointments and keep playing that game with you, but we are busy. On a daily basis we have to turn people away because we have no more room, and if you aren't going to show for your app0intment, there would have been someone else who could have used the spot. So, 3 missed appointments and we will stop giving you appointments... you will have to find somewhere else to go. Sorry.