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Why does my dog's haircut cost more than mine?

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Grooming Services

The Basics



Just like it sounds.... included in every groom, the basics:   nails, ears, quick brush, feet and face trim, bath and dry. Also known as the Bath and Tidy, or B&T :)  

Haircuts are going beyond the normal feet and face trim. This can mean a long haircut of a few inches, also called a clip and scissor, or a very short haircut, also called a clip off, or an all over. And of course you can have a combination of the two, short body and long legs (daisy). Haircuts are subject to the condition of the dogs coat and his/her behaviour. We try to accommodate your wishes of course, but our policy is humanity before vanity, and we do what we can.

Dematting happens when your dog has excessive tangles and knots. We don't enjoy doing it, and your dog doesn't enjoy having it done, AND we will only do it if your dog allows it; but once again we have to say that our policy is humanity before vanity. We would normally prefer to give the dog a clip off, and start brushing with a fresh untangled coat, and start with a regular grooming routine.  

Nails Only

You are absolutely welcome to stop by sans appointment to have your dogs nails done. It only takes a few minutes, and you can wait while it is done.  Small dogs = $8, and large dogs = $12. Included in the small dog category are nail trims for cats, bunnies, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc.  We also provide bird wing clipping for $15.


We want to encourage you to bring your puppy to us for his first groom. And yes we have an ulterior motive in doing this :) We can be your dogs first grooming experience, ensuring that he won't be traumatized, and will never be afraid for grooming. We can start to train him for the grooming routine. And of course our other motive..... WE LOVE PUPPIES!!! Puppy smell, puppy kisses, puppy cuddles.... hooray for puppies!!                 We charge $20 for a short coat puppy and $25 for a long coat puppy.          ***Puppy must be 16wks or less***

Cats and kittens

We love cats and kittens too!!!! But only if they love us.... We will try to groom any cat... once. Cats can be so unpredictable,they have so many sharp parts, and they don't mess around with a warning first, they just attack! Bring your cat in and we will give him a go! No guarantees though. We also encourage you to bring your kitten to us for her first groom $20 short coat, $25 long coat, and she must be no older than 16wks.


We provide all kinds of extras! You only need to ask. They range from the practical like flea removal, to fun stuff like hair dying and nail colouring!!! Not all dogs are good candidates for these services though, so you will need to come in and talk to us about it.


So, if you are reading this section, you have probably noticed that we really haven't included any pricing info. There is a good reason for this. Not all dogs are the same; they behave differently, they have different coat types, and even in the same breed category, they can be completely different sizes! We base our prices on the amount of time it takes to groom your dog, so it is important that we meet your dog first before we give you a price... there are just too many variables for cookie cutter prices. If you call us we may be able to give you somewhat of an idea, but until we meet the dog, we can't give you a definite price.