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Products & Stuff We Sell

  At Me 'n Mom's Doggy Shop, we only sell top quality dog food and treats. Almost all of the brands that are available for purchase from our store are companies that are Canadian owned and operated. All ingredients are local, natural, and in some cases, even organic. We believe in supporting local, sustainable business. Come in to see the products that we carry. And of course, if you come in and don't see a specific product that you'd like, we will order for you!


Below are the brands that you will find in our store...

aron pet food

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"Aron Pet Food, The World's Best Dog Treats. Original Beef Chew"


"100% natural beef, virtually fat free, long chewing hours, highly digestible, no preservatives. We have recently introduced a line of dog treats using exclusively government inspected raw materials - fit for human consumption. Product purity and health benefits are the priority for all our products. We do not process with chemicals, high heat or so called natural preservatives."


"Barkery - The Healthy Bakery for Dogs"


"The Barkery treats are anything but average, using only the best ingredients from local farmers, including fresh apples, carrots, zucchini, all natural peanut butter, honey, molasses, flax seed, emu, real bacon, cheese, puree bananas, parsley.....hardly the quality of ingredients you would expect to find on your average dog biscuit ingredient list. That's because our Barkery Treats are anything but average, combining fresh and wholesome ingredients with outstanding flavour and fun! These treats appeal not only to the health-conscious owner, but also to the most discerning, if slobbery palates!"


"Fromm Family Foods -  A family-owned gourmet pet food company"


"The world's first and oldest family-owned & operated premium pet food company. Since 1904, The Fromm Family has maintained a tradition of quiet innovation dedicated to the health and nutrition of animals. In the 1930's, The Fromm Family introduced the first canine distemper vaccine. In 1949, we introduced the concept of premium pet food to the public. As the country's first and oldest premium pet food company, we have earned the reputation as an industry leader, producing only the highest grade pet foods with the finest natural ingredients."


"Open Range - Natural Pet Treats"


"At Open Range, providing all natural products that contribute to your pets health, happiness and well being is our goal. All of our products contain no added hormones, animal by-products, preservatives or steroids. Open Range All Natural Pet Treats are naturally processed and exceed the standards set forth by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration (USA)."

Food & Treats

Clothing & Apparel

 Here at Me 'n Mom's Doggy Shop in Abbotsford, we made efforts to carry a varied selection of clothing and accessories for the 3 distinct dog owners!    

We have RC Pets Products for practicality... rain jackets, fleece coats, collars and leashes, all made to the highest standards of durability. Then we have FouFou Dog for the owner who likes to pamper their little prince or princess. This is a top quality line of bling and fashionable clothing. As well, we carry Yellow Hydrant clothing for not only the fashionable pet owners, but the owner with a sense of humour!


Below is more information on these brands!

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"In all, FouFou Dog is your one stop shop for quality designer doggy wear. Clothing designed for both the everyday foufou dog and for those times when the same ol' same ol' just won't do. After all, ever dog gets a little FOUFOU sometimes!!"


"RC Pets - Fun, functional products for your active family pet."


"Combining fun and function, RC Pet Products offers a generous selection of colours, patterns and sizes, offering something for everyone. Their classic fit combined with the latest trends makes them a leader in functional pet apparel."


"Our products are sold exclusively to independent pet and gift shops, and are never produced or sold for mass comsumption. Pet owners love our quality and catchy prints; pets like our well tailored smooth looking duds that let them show off their personality. And retailers love making their owners and 4 legged friends happy. Yellow Hydrant Clothing Co. is a Win-Win-Win situation."

Orijen logo

"Orijen - Nourish as Nature Intended"


Freeze dried dog treats. Made with 100% natural meats, poultry or fish (and nothing else!), all gently freeze dried to lock in their goodness. Orijen treats offer a taste experience your dog will truly love!

(              Denotes a Canadian product!)

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