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Lorraine (& Lois)


Leslie (& Leonardo)

Meet the Groomers


    Lorraine started her grooming career over 30 years ago, when Leslie was just a wee babe :) . Shortly after bringing Leslie home from the hospital, when things had settled down slightly, a new addition to the family was made in the form of a big, matted, dirty, rescued, shepherd x husky. Lorraine spent two full days gently brushing, dematting and cleaning him. When all was said and done, and she stood back and looked at the finished product, she knew what she wanted to spend the rest of her life doing. She attended Sunnyslope Dog Grooming School, started her career, and hasn't looked back since.


   Grooming Style: Lorraine is an old school groomer with over 30 years of knowledge and experience. You would be hard pressed to find a groom, situation, or problem that Lorraine has not already encountered.

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   Leslie was raised to love and respect animals, thanks to her mother of course. Growing up, there was always always always, at least one dog in the house. She spent her early adult years making her own way and doing her own thing. But in her early 30's, she finally settled down and admitted that she wants  to follow in her mom's foot steps. She still loves to adventure and travel, but knows this is always what she will come back to.


   Grooming Style: Leslie graduated from Western Dog Grooming School in 2012. Although it has been a few years since school, most of it is still fresh in her mind. She uses this experience in her grooming everyday, along with drawing from her mom's extensive grooming experience. She is reaching a point in her grooming career now where there aren't many breeds she hasn't groomed... and that's a good feeling!


Casey (& Dozzer)

   Casey came to Me 'n Mom's about a year after we opened, all young and bright eyed! And her love of animals was clear. We immediately saw that her ability to work with dogs and understand them was just what we were looking for. Casey's love of all things 4 legged (and no legged) is clear from her many non human kids at home.... a dog, a cat, a bunny, and some snakes just to make things fun! She is young, driven, capable, and an integral part of the Doggy Shop team!


   Grooming Style: Casey started with us as a bather, then moved to nails and feet trims. She learned so fast we could hardly keep up with her! We sent her off to Western Dog Grooming School to get her Diploma so we could make it official :) Her style is very much a blend of both Lorraine and Leslie since we were the ones to do the initial training. She picked up a few tips and tricks from school to add to her repertoire, and now she is capable of handling anything you can throw at her!