Our Services

Walk-in Services

You do not need an appointment for these services. Just walk in any time we are open!


Ear Cleaning

Nails & Foot Trim

Face Trim

Anal Gland Expression

Cat Nails

Tidy Up Package

Teeth Brushing

Appointment Based Services

Please call us to schedule an appointment for these services.

Puppy Groom

Bring us your puppies 4 months and under for their first groom to receive this offer. This is sort of an introcuction to grooming for  your little fur baby. We will do all the essentials, and make sure that he has a great time. This is going to set him up for success by showing him that there is nothing to be afraid of, and that grooming can even be fun! 

Short Hair Puppies $20

Long Hair Puppies $25

The Basics

Just like it sounds...  included in every groom, the basics: nails, ears, quick brush, feet, face & sani trim, check and express anal glands if necessary, bath and dry. Also known as the Bath and Tidy, or B&T :)  


Haircuts are going beyond the normal feet and face trim. This can mean a long haircut of a few inches, or a very short haircut. And of course you can have a combination of the two, short body and long legs. It's all up to you! Haircuts are subject though to the condition of the dogs coat and his/her behaviour. We try to accommodate your wishes of course, but our policy is humanity before vanity.

Cats & Kittens

We love cats and kittens too!!!! But only if they love us.... We will try to groom any cat... once. Cats can be so unpredictable,they have so many sharp parts, and they don't mess around with a warning first, they just attack! Bring your cat in and we will give him a go! No guarantees though. We also encourage you to bring your kitten to us for her first groom $20 short coat, $25 long coat, and she must be no older than 16wks.


So, if you are reading this section, you have probably noticed that we really haven't included any pricing info. There is a good reason for this. Not all dogs are the same; they behave differently, they have different coat types, and even in the same breed category, they can be completely different sizes! We base our prices on the amount of time/work it takes to groom your dog, so it is important that we meet your dog first before we give you a price... there are just too many variables for cookie cutter prices. If you call us we may be able to give you somewhat of an idea, but until we meet the dog, we can't give you a definite price.

Add On Services

These services are not included in any of our grooming packages but can be added on.


Dematting happens when your dog has excessive tangles and knots. We don't enjoy doing it, and your dog doesn't enjoy having it done, AND we will only do it if your dog allows it; but once again we have to say that our policy is humanity before vanity. We would normally prefer to give the dog a clip off, and start brushing with a fresh untangled coat, and start with a regular grooming routine. There is no set price for dematting, but it starts at $10.

Flea Bath

If you bring us your cat or dog with fleas, we will need to give them a flea bath. This will take care of the fleas that are on your pet... but will not kill the fleas/eggs/larva that are in the places that your pet likes to spend time. We HIGHLY recommend having your pet on a flea treatment. Fleas can be picked up anywhere (even brought into your home by you!) and they are extremely difficult to get rid of! Talk to your vet about a flea treatment today! Flea bath = $10 

Nail Grinding

Nail grinding can be added on to your service to try and help work nail quicks back, and to make the nails smoother. $5

Teeth Brushing

This is just like it sounds... teeth BRUSHING!! This should be done on a semi regular basis at least. Imagine if you only brushed your teeth once every 4 months, it would be pretty useless! If your dog's teeth require more than just a toothbrush, we will recommend a visit to your vet or anesthetic free teeth cleaning specialist. Teeth Brushing = $10

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