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Add On Single Services

Add these single service options to your Basic Grooming package. Nail cutting, ear cleaning/plucking, anal gland expression are already included in your Basic Groom package. 

Teeth Brushing & Fresh Breath Spray  $10

Does Fido's breath leave something to be desired? We can help! We will brush his teeth, spray his mouth, and give you our assessment of his pearly whites. (Not the same as tooth scaling which is done by your vet or anesthetic free dental hygienist). If we feel that more than just brushing is required, we will let you know!

Nail Grinding  $5

This helps to smooth your dog's nails after cutting, and to take off just that little bit more when you are looking to get his nails as short as possible. 

Flea Bath  $15

If you bring Fido in with fleas, a flea bath will not be optional. Straight to the tub he goes! We will call you and let you know though, so that while we are killing the fleas that are on your dog you can go to the vet and get a topical or oral flea treatment. This is important because not only do fleas live on your dog, but they also live where your pet lives, while they drop eggs and larvae as well. So an ongoing flea treatment is HIGHLY advised!

Extra Brush/Dematt  15 minutes for $15

This service will be added to your Basic Groom service if necessary and if humane. We understand that sometimes money is not an object, but that does not mean that dematting your dog is always the best option. We can discuss this upon check in after assessing your dog's coat. If you are worried about shedding and are looking for extra brushing for that reason, you can check out our Shed Less Package under Add On Premium Packages. This would be a much better option for you! 

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