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Add On Premium Packages

Express Groom

Small Dog  +$20

Large Dog  +$30

We know that sometimes time is a very important factor in the grooming process. Some dogs just don't want to be here that long. We will do our best to groom Fido as quickly, and safely, as possible. Our target is 2 hours, but we cannot guarantee that until check in when we see Fido. Things that will affect the time the groom takes are his coat type, condition and his temperament. 

We can also only accommodate Express Grooms at 9am and there are limited appointments available. Please let us know when making the appointment that you would like this service.   

Shed Less Package  +$20

This is the package for you if you have one of those dogs that seem to drop more hair than they keep! It adds 30 more minutes brush time to your groom (for an hour total), and includes FURminator Deshedding Shampoo and Conditioner. This should help keep Fido's hair on Fido, instead of on your floor!  

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Bath  +$20

This luxurious Dead Sea soak helps to condition and rehydrate the coat while exfoliating dry and flaky skin. We will cover Fido in the mineral rich mud and massage and exfoliate for 10 minutes so that both the skin and hair receive full benefit. 

Blueberry Facial  +$15

This can be very beneficial for dogs that have stinky faces and/or tear staining. We will soak Fido's undereye area while we do the pre-groom (rough-in) and then we will massage Fido's full face with our Blueberry Facial shampoo for 5 minutes while in the tub. Who doesn't want a warm, relaxing, good smelling facial massage?! 

The Works  +$40

You will get the Shed Less OR Mudbath, nail grind, teeth brush and mouth spray, and Blueberry Facial. Everything a pampered pooch deserves! 

DeSkunk Package  +$35

Nothing fancy here.... just some heavy duty stink reduction! We will bath Fido twice in our deskunk shampoo and use a de-stink leave in spray. We will do our best, but sometimes even the best bath won't get all that stink. Many times a skunk sprays while the dog is chasing them, giving Fido a full face (and sinus) spray. So sometimes that smell is coming from the inside as well, and only time can erase that odour! Sorry! But at least this Package will certainly help! 

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