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Puppy Groom

This is your puppy's first introduction to the full grooming experience. We will do his nails, trim his feet, face and sanitary areas, brush him for up to 15 minutes if necessary, clean his ears, give him a bath in our gentle puppy shampoo and dry him so he's so fresh and so clean and ready for cuddles! If all of this has gone well and you would like us to, we will give him a full body haircut. We reserve the right though to decide if this is a good idea or not. Some puppies have had enough at this point and we definitely don't want to push them their first time. We want to make sure this is a fantastic and fun experience for them, so that they are happy to come back next time and all the times after! 

This service is for dogs 4 months and under, the ideal age for brave little puppers to start learning the ropes! 

Short hair puppies $25    Long hair puppies $30

Basic Grooming Packages

Bath & Tidy

This is the basics.... all the important things that need to be done! We will cut or grind his nails, trim his feet, face and sanitary areas, check and express anal glands if necessary, clean/pluck his ears, brush him for up to 30 minutes if necessary, bathe him in a skin/coat appropriate shampoo, and dry him. 

Please call us with your breed for a price estimate.


Haircuts are just the same as a bath & tidy, but with well.... a haircut. And the style of haircut can be anything from a short buzz, a long flowy all over trim, or a sculpted masterpiece! When you bring Fido into us and we can see the coat type and condition, we can discuss all the fun particulars with you! 

Please call us with your breed for a price estimate.

Here kitty, kitty, kitty....

Yes.... we do cats! . Everything from lion cuts to brush outs, to spot shaving matts out. We prefer not to bathe cats unless absolutely necessary (why add water when you don't have to?), but we are able to do that as well. 

Lion Cut $60

Bath $50

Lion Cut & Bath $75

Brush & matt removal $25+

All above cat prices include ear cleaning and nails. 

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