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Walk in Services

These services do not require an appointment or a phone call! Just walk in any time we are open and we will stop what we are doing and take care of you! 


Cut or Grind

Small Dog $10

Large Dog $15

Cut & Grind add $5

Cats $12

Nails & Foot Trim

Small Dog $17

Large Dog $22

Face Trim

Trim in front of and above eyes so that Fido can see!

Small Dog $10

Large Dog $12

Tidy Me Up Package

Nails, feet, face, sanitary.

Small Dog $22

Large Dog $27


Any size, pluck and/or clean $10


Any size, brushing and fresh breath spray $10

Anal Gland Expression

Small Dog $12

Large Dog $15


10 minutes for $10

If more brushing is required, we suggest booking for a full groom.

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