Meet The Team


Leslie started this business with her mom, who has since retired, in 2012. She was raised to love and respect animals. Growing up there was always at least one dog in the house. She knew in her early 30's that this was the career for her, so off to school she went. Life would indeed feel empty if she didn't get to spend it kissing and booping all the doggos she can. She is always up for a challenge and is quite successful working with difficult animals who may not have had the best experiences in life. In her spare time you can find her hiking up a mountain, paddling down some white water, or chilling in the yoga studio.


Hailey joined the Doggy Shop team mid 2019 and quickly became integral. She brought with her 7 years of grooming experience, and many more being around and loving animals.  Not only is she a phenomenal groomer, but she always has a keen eye out for your pet's health and wellbeing. She has had many animals of her own, and treats every pet that comes in the door as if it was her very own. Hailey is also an aspiring actress, and you can probably catch her practicing her lines with the groom dogs, they tend to be very good listeners! She has an upbeat personality that both dogs and customers love. 


Gabe joined our team early 2020 as a bather and quickly showed us just how much more capable she is. She in now a rougher and once in a while we can find her practicing her scissoring skillz on her way to finisher. She has a calm and in control manner that the dogs respond very well to. She works hard every day to hone her skills and learn as much as she can. The dogs love her and we do too! In her spare time Gabe loves her video games and can be found battling monsters, casting spells, and just in general saving the world. As Gabe would say... "Nice!"

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